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To “MudJack” or Not

(after slab foundation repairs)

If after a slab foundation is repaired by installing piers AND the slab is lifted upwards as part of the repairs, a void space will be created between the bottom of the slab and the dirt. The question to be discussed in this blog is: should the void space be filled (mudjacked) or not. The answer is: it depends.

Several years ago, most foundation repair companies (in the North Texas area) automatically included in their proposals the cost to inject a grout slurry mix into the void space (usually referred to as mudjacking). The traditional slurry mix consists of cement, soil and water (which is a very low grade of concrete) that can be pumped into the void spaces. The slurry then hardens and will provide support to the slab (as the dirt used to before the lifting of the foundation).


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